A #paleo #bacon #brunch —fuel for a day of running & shooting! 🔫 Baked avocado #eggs sprinkled w/ @flavorgod Garlic Lover’s seasoning, uncured bacon + raw cauliflower tossed with bacon fat & Everything Spicy seasoning. 😋


Titanite on Pericline and Calcite

Ankogel group, Carinthia, Austria

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Repeat #wod this morning (my Burpee Pyramid #workout from 3/27) so here’s my #abs #fitness from yesterday.

J/K, J/K. I’d never wake up without a 5:15 AM alarm reminding me to get to the #gym or Muay Thai/kickboxing/Krav.

Only got through 1 round of this #wod because I jerked around too much & then wanted to do back & side extensions. Still a good #workout. Will have to repeat this & get through 3 rounds. I’ve been off my game this week.

"She looks for #adventure around every corner."

I had extra #bacon after prepping tonight’s #dinner. The result: a #paleo #baconwrapped #avocado snack sprinkled w/ @flavorgod ‘s Everything Spicy + Lemon Garlic + Garlic Lover’s Seasonings! It was sooooo good!

Full body #wod w/ a concentration on arms & shoulders this morning. Almost gave up half way through but inspiration kicked in & I found the determination to complete this #workout. 😉 Cooled down with a 1-miler after completing all 3 rounds. & I didn’t break my shins on the box jumps! Yay!

I want this #deadlift tank! But in a better design…. 😍

Today’s #abs & back #wod. I was sore 4 rounds in the Buy-In. 😝

Planks are always on the elbows.